Start Your Taxes Now And Be Done In January

The days are getting shorter as your accountant savors the last few months of peace before the End-of-Year rush revs into gear. You like your accountant, why not make his or her job easier? I’ve put together a list of some of the things you should be thinking about before… Continue Reading..

Your Miles and Incentives Are Not Taxed…Technically

Not only can they be used for flights or upgrades, they are increasingly being used as negotiating tools. But are they really worth all the trouble? People often ask me if frequent flyer miles are taxable, and the answer is no. According to the IRS, it “...has not pursued a… Continue Reading..

Are We Losing Our Wallets?

Not because they are disorganized or absented-minded, they don’t want wallets. According to one study, 48% of millennials prefer to use either debit or credit cards instead of cash. In the general population the same trend is emerging: 64% use cash only once in a while 26% use cash everyday… Continue Reading..

The Ups-And-Downs Of Reverse Mortgages

As soon as we sat down, the first thing he asked me was whether or not I was interested in a reverse mortgage. I declined, and about a week later I met another mortgage broker and that was the first thing he asked me. There are some positives to reverse… Continue Reading..

Elder Abuse With A Smile

Protecting seniors against Elder Abuse is one of my most important duties as a Financial Concierge. Just this week I got to the bottom of another story of financial abuse, performed in a very subtle manner. However, there were warning signs all along the way, so I thought I would… Continue Reading..

Getting Your Documents Together at the End of the Year

End of year preparations are in full swing at Judith Heft & Associates, and today I’d like to share some of the best practices we have developed over the past 18 years. We start with three folders for each client: Anything that’s going to be on a client’s income tax… Continue Reading..

Holiday Tipping Advice

While you may not feel the need to tip everyone wearing a reindeer hat and gesturing towards a tip jar with a cute saying on it, remembering the people who work in your home during the holidays is the right thing to do. Whether someone is helping you with your… Continue Reading..

Applying for a Mortgage? Don’t Forget Your Paperwork!

Guest Author Lyle J. Katz It is important to be prepared when applying for a mortgage. Ensuring that all of the required documents are ready and available will ease the application process. When being approved for a home mortgage loan, 3 main components are taken into account: The applicant’s credit… Continue Reading..

Keeping Your Social Security Number Secure

Being vigilant about your privacy is a necessity in today’s world, and nothing is more important to protect than your Social Security number. Unfortunately, many businesses - and the federal government - are not as careful with citizens’ numbers as they should be. While colleges and universities have ceased using… Continue Reading..