Going Paperless

As a professional financial organizer and daily money manager, I know what happens when people take on too much change at once. Meltdowns happen. That is why I am taking baby steps on my journey to conquer the highly-organized-yet-devastatingly-large mountain of files in my office. Though it is sure to… Continue Reading..

Case Study: The Dishonest Landlord

“We firmly believe and are prepared to subpoena witnesses and documents to prove these facts. I do not relish the thought of attempting to evict a 92 year old woman, however, based upon practical evidence as presented above, a reasonable trier of fact will make determination in favor of the lessor.”… Continue Reading..

Communicating With Elderly Parents is Not an Easy Task

Our parents have survived a lot, in addition to raising us. As they enter their golden years, many of us are being confronted with an uncomfortable role-reversal as mom and dad become the ones who need care. Just as kids are eager to prove their independence from their parents, parents… Continue Reading..

Senior Services of Stamford

Senior Services of Stamford has been helping elderly people for over 104 years. I am proud to count myself among the Board of Trustees of this great organization. It holds special meaning to me, considering my family settled in Stamford in the late 1800's. Over the years, we have watched… Continue Reading..

Teaching Kids to be Charitable

The value of a dollar is something that is becoming harder and harder to convey to young people. With all the great advances in payment technology many teenagers would not even be able to tell you how much money they spent in a given day because they are using cards… Continue Reading..
Judith Heft - It's a Taxing Time for Everyone

It’s a Taxing Time for Everyone

It’s March, which means your accountant is ready for your tax paperwork. Here is a guide to what you’ll need: W-2’s - Wages and tax statements 1099’s - Taxable income, interest dividends and self-employed income Schedule K-1’s - Income or loss from a partnership or an S-corporation 1098’s - Mortgage… Continue Reading..

Financial Bookkeeping During Divorce

From experience, I have learned that many people pay their bills without performing any serious record-keeping. This can become problematic if there is ever a divorce, especially when compounded with the emotional trauma that comes with divorce. In Connecticut, divorcing parties must provide the court with a Financial Affidavit. In New York,… Continue Reading..

Elder Financial Abuse: Lightning strikes twice

Last week I found myself, once again, wading through page after page of insurance policies in an effort to understand where a peculiar debit came from in a client’s bank account. An older gentleman, this client already had a history of being scammed. In fact, he only became my client after having… Continue Reading..

You’ve got the whole year ahead of you – Why not start by reviewing your insurance policies?

As the sun begins to set on National Get Organized Month, I hope I’ve left you with some good ideas about how to get your finances, and your life, in order. But my work is not yet done. In this post, I encourage you to take a minute to think… Continue Reading..

National Get Organized Month: It’s not too late!

The year is two weeks old and already resolutions to stay organized are wilting to the forces of human nature, like so many uneaten rice cakes and carrot sticks have before. In the spirit of National Get Organized Month, I’ve come up with a few “best practices” that will take you beyond… Continue Reading..