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Judith Heft – CEO

Judy combines extensive business management experience with a strong sense of caring for each of her clients. In her more than two decades of experience in the retail industry, she developed broad-based abilities to handle a wide range of financial matters. Judy has owned conventional and Internet-based retail businesses, where she was responsible for daily operations and management, purchasing, sales, marketing, accounts payable and receivable, and personnel. Judith Heft & Associates has built its reputation on making order out of chaos. Whether you are looking for a professional, personal, or financial organizer, need a bookkeeper, or require a daily money manager, Judith Heft & Associates can help by simplifying your life and giving you more time to do what you want to do. Judy is the co-founder of a Mastermind Group for women business owners. Currently, Judy is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. In 2010, Judy was named “Networker of the Year” by the 1000 member Gotham City Networking Organization. In 2019 Judy was named to the list of Powerful Women Leaders in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Liz Levy, CFO

Liz Levy – CFO

Liz Levy is a management specialist and skilled communicator with an entrepreneurial flair who understands the ever-changing corporate landscape. She brings an executive-level management background in sales, marketing, and business development to our Lifestyle Concierge division, and she is particularly well-versed in real estate and high-end relocations. Liz has held senior positions in education, resort management, aerospace technology and corporate real estate. Her in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of industries and her broad network of industry professionals makes her well-suited for her role in managing the day-to-day personal and professional matters of high-net-worth individuals. With more than 25 years of experience in servicing premiere clientele and vast business management expertise, Liz has dedicated her career to assisting high-level clients worldwide. Liz specializes in creating new and innovative ways to help clients increase profitability; cultivating “long-term relationship” sales and knowing the products clients want and their desired price points; and innovating and implementing sustainable plans customized to each client’s needs. Liz received a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University and a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law.

Karen Hagerty, Operations Manager

Karen Hagerty – Chief Operations Manager

Karen brings a wealth of diverse experience to Judith Heft & Associates. Karen has stepped up to the plate in her role as Chief Operations manager. Karen Hagerty started her career in the garment industry, working as an executive for Perry Ellis and later as a Vice President of Sales at Calvin Klein. After taking time to raise her two now adult children, Karen helped develop and run an LED lighting start-up, managing all operations and bookkeeping. Karen received her Bachelors of Science in Management with a concentration in Accounting at the State University of New York at Binghamton. Born and raised in Westchester County, NY, Karen now resides in Greenwich, CT.

Deborah Albert, Senior Account Manager

Deborah Albert – Senior Account Manager

Deborah has been a professional full-charge bookkeeper for more than fifteen years. She especially loves improving the quality of clients’ lives by working one-on-one with individuals seeking to avoid the pain and confusion associated with the administrative management of their own personal finances. Deborah is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and is certified with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.


Sheila Jumao-as – Account Manager

Sheila Jumao-as is an Account Manager at Judith Heft and Associates. She’s been in the field of finance for 15 years and aspires to expand her career opportunities and hone her abilities at JHA. She has a master’s degree in financial management and specializes in resource optimization, which includes setting up of a yearly budget and process flow implementation. Sheila is a single mom who loves to travel by herself or with family and friends in her spare time.


Courtney Haugh – Account Manager

Courtney has over 10 years of bookkeeping experience, and has been working on “plant lady experience” for the last three. Organization is her love language and she finds joy in helping to manage finances. As a business owner of 8 years she also understands the importance of meticulous record keeping. Courtney was born and raised in the midwest, and has gained a pretty sweet accent as a result.

Angela Lorusso – Account Manager

Angela is a full-charge bookkeeper with 14 years of experience. Her focus has been on cleaning up clients’ books that have been mishandled in the past and giving them a clear and accurate account of their finances. She also has a culinary and hospitality background, having worked in the industry for 20 years. Angela is active in her community in Upstate New York where she lives with her husband and two children.

Jennifer Reddington – Account Manager

Jennifer is a full charge bookkeeper with over a decade of experience. She is diversified in a variety of industries which allows her to effectively manage any financial problems our clients face. She is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and helping others. She resides in the Pocono Mountains with her husband and three children. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors with her family, exploring nature, and volunteering within her community.

Deborah Moxam – Project Manager

Deborah joined the Judith Heft & Associates team in early 2021. Over the past twenty years of her career, she has worn multiple hats gaining experience in sales, entrepreneurship, real estate, and real estate financing, all while striving to empower her clients with knowledge that will allow them to make informed and satisfying life choices.  Deborah excels in working one on one to relieve the stress life often demands and allows her clients to focus on what is important to them. Deborah is a graduate of Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. 

Maurley Miller – Lifestyle Concierge

Maurley is a lifestyle concierge with a creative flair offering diverse expertise in all aspects of organizational skills and home management. With 20+ years of experience in residential real estate rentals and sales along with a background in home decor styling, Maurley is a hands-on member of our team who is able to work with our clients through any lifestyle problems they may face to achieve the best possible outcome. After taking some time off to raise her 2 grown children and 3 stepchildren, Maurley is now a full time member of our team and ready to offer her best to JHA clients.

Jean Mason – Lifestyle Concierge

Jean is a lifestyle concierge with the highest attention to detail.  She is a creative problem solver with over 30+ years of experience in marketing and customer service. Her diverse background allows her to effectively manage any lifestyle problems our clients face. Jean is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College. She has 3 grown children and has recently become a grandparent.

Rachael Ring – Account Manager

Rachael has been working in the accounting field for over seven years. Being a small business owner herself she understands the importance of clean bookkeeping as well as the fear of where to begin. She enjoys being able to assist in easing the unknown for others. Rachael has worked in the nonprofit sector the past five years, which has sharpened her skills with budgeting and reporting to ensure continued funding and 501(c)3 status. Prior to bookkeeping Rachael’s background was in marketing management for over twenty years. Rachael enjoys camping trips, hiking, and other outdoor adventures with her family and two English Bulldogs.

Carrie Levitt – Lifestyle Concierge

Carrie Levitt Kaplan was born and raised in Stamford, CT. Graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with a degree in Photography & Fine Arts. After 10 years in the Publishing/Entertainment Industry she made a change and started a career in Real Estate in 2010. Carrie’s wide skill set and diverse background gives her the ability to tackle anything thrown her way. Carrie lives in North Stamford with her husband and twins.

Sydney Jones – Marketing Manager

Sydney Jones graduated from Columbus State University with a degree in Communication. She has a diverse marketing background with a skillset encompassing everything from data analysis to shooting commercials. She lives in Georgia with her partner and their dog.

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