What our clients and professional alliances say

I’ve known and worked with Judy Heft for almost a decade now. She and her team deliver much more than just paying bills–their professional reports enable us to give our clients sound and solid guidance when we are working with them. This is invaluable with budgeting of course, as well as structuring their financial and estate plans. No questions are left unanswered and no detail is too small. And, as importantly, they are always courteous, available and helpful.

Randy Kaufman

Senior Vice President, EMM Wealth

When I am doing tax planning, financial planning or tax compliance work for a Judith Heft & Associates client, I am sure to receive any and all information I could possibly need to do my work efficiently. Not only is the information provided promptly and in a manner that makes my work easier, the organization provides insight into the client, that most clients could not do directly for themselves.

Ed Schechter

CPA, Berkow, Schechter & Co. LLP

“I asked Judy if she could help a client of mine who recently had a stroke. Not only was she attentive to her, but pointed out to the family as well as myself, financial and tax issues that should be addressed. She was an advocate for my client, a virtue that simply cannot be overstated.”

Sally Maybruch

CPA, Manager Citrin Cooperman

Thank you again for the great care you take of me and my family. I don’t think you know how much I count on you!

John Gaston Jr.

My clients are busy executives with complicated lives. They often have multiple homes, many credit cards, with difficult transactions going on at all times. The one thing they don’t have is time to waste. When I send my clients to Judith’s team, I know that they’ll be taken care of with grace, care and good humor. That’s particularly helpful at tax time – getting everything all compiled together so the accounting process goes smoothly. What else could a wealth adviser possibly ask for? I’m delighted to refer any of my clients to Judith Heft Associates

David Edwards of Heron Wealth

“Judy’s bookkeeping always lets me know the exact amount of money in my business. I’m able to spend my time doing the other important aspects of my business – being with clients, getting work done, or marketing – that I don’t need to spend those hours bookkeeping.”

Anthony M. Verna III, Esq. Verna Law, P.C.

“Judy is responsible, trustworthy and fun to work with.
Judy makes sure that I am organized.”

Gray Fadden

Judy is an invaluable resource for me and my clients. I have referred numerous clients to Judy for help with getting their financial life in order. Judy and her team keep my clients in good financial health; paying bills on time, taking required minimum distributions from retirement accounts, making sure they know what assets they have as well as keeping their debt under control. She is efficient, organized and pleasant to work with. I enjoy working with Judith Heft & Associates and I know they take excellent care of their clients.

Barbara Koteen

Partner, Diserio, Martin O’Connor & Castiglioni, LLP

“I called Judy and she immediately whipped my office into shape. With Judy handling all my financial paperwork, I have much more time to spend with my children!”

Kim Cobb

“At tax time Judy and her team are prepared to collect my tax documents, fill out my tax organizer and work closely with my CPA and other financial professionals. She joins in meetings with my other advisors and it’s easy to discuss financial matters with her.”

Barrie Sommerfield

We were so thrilled to find Judith Heft at a difficult, stressful time as we tried to manage the paperwork…financial and otherwise…of two family members. Judy has been a lifesaver who has made years of care-giving so much less stressful. She and her staff have given us the great gift of peace of mind…and much more!

Lonnie and Doug Gardner

“Judy has been working with me as my personal cfo and concierge for over five years. She not only pays my bills in a timely manner, she keeps my financial records organized. At tax time I am able to give an itemized report of income and expenses for my primary home and my rental property to my CPA.”

Reynolds Girdler