Gutters have a bad reputation. Maybe it’s because of what they did to Edgar Allan Poe — but these simple little aqueducts are actually vital to the structure and safety of your house. 

Especially in northern climates, water is like kryptonite to your foundation. When your gutters are working, they carry it away from your house. When they back up, the surface tension of the water makes it stick to the house, where it descends all the way to the foundation. If that water freezes, it will expand within the cement and cause cracks and heaving.

Cash-strapped and covid-phobic homeowners may opt to clear the gutters themselves, and the good news is you can do that all from the ground. Leaf blower extensions that reach all the way to the roof are available. The same is true for high-pressure hoses, which are preferred for wet leaves.  

A more fail-proof solution is to install gutter guards. There are a variety of designs, from mesh screens to clever, surface-tension-based water collectors — and if you combine that with a backyard full of trimmed and manicured trees, your amount of gutter-cleaning activities will fall to new lows.

That’s important when you consider that we’re recommended to clear our gutters three times a year.  

If you’re like me, you don’t have time for that. And you don’t have time to read a bunch of reviews for the company you’re considering. That’s why JHA makes our network, your network. We’ve worked with contractors all over Connecticut and New York. We know who’s an expert, who keeps good books, and who has a way with people. If you need help with your gutters or anything else, contact us.