As the weather gets colder and the sun goes down earlier, it’s the perfect time to save some money — because so many money-saving opportunities only happen at this time of year. Taking advantage of some season-specific savings to get more for your money — and take less of a hit — this holiday season has never been easier. I’ve gone ahead and put together a list, and I hope I thought of some things you never considered:

  • Open enrollment: October is open enrollment month for most health insurance plans. Now that you’ve got a year under your belt with your current insurance, is it still the optimal plan for you?
  • Spend your FLEX dollars: If you haven’t been using your FLEX account to purchase many of the things you already buy at the drugstore, you’ve only got a couple months to do so! Cashiers know how to deal with FLEX purchases — so if you need help, just ask. 
  • Book holiday travel now: Conventional wisdom says buying airline tickets weeks in advance saves money — but did you know Tuesdays are the preferred day of the week to buy? The sooner you start, the more Tuesdays you’ll have.
  • Winterize your vehicle: Fall is the natural time to start thinking about snow tires and snow chains, especially for people who live on steep roads.  
  • Max out contributions to retirement: The law limits the amount of our yearly contributions to retirement plans. The smart thing to do every fall is to make sure you’ve contributed the full allowable amount for the year. 
  • Choose a charity: At the end of the year, odds are you’ll be looking to donate some money to charity — so start researching them now! 
  • Winterizing the house: Few things lead to more direct and tangible savings than winterizing your house. From eliminating under-door drafts to caulking around some windows, every penny you put into banishing the cold reduces your energy bill as well as your environmental impact. 

JHA’s complete concierge service includes saving you money. We can help you make a list and check it twice, so you know that the people in your life will love their presents. We take lists like these and turn them into task items for our clients, which helps us to always remember the bottom line: Remembering the bottom line.

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