Property management is so important, especially in the months leading up to winter. Checking your HVAC and your roof for any cracks could mean the difference between paying only a couple of hundred dollars for maintenance or paying a couple of thousands to fix a leak or a cracked roof that could’ve been avoided with proper maintenance.

I know someone who found out the hard way. He bought a house, and somehow the words “replace your filters,” never crossed his mind. Luckily for him, a Michigander, his air handler called it quits in the middle of the summer — and not the middle of the winter.

For people who live in older homes, one must-have is a thermal leak detector. This way if you have a window that feels like an open freezer when you walk past it, you can pinpoint the leak. Often a little caulk will do the trick without the need to take out a home improvement loan.

With all the tight seals in windows and doors, your carbon monoxide and/or cooking gas detectors should be in top shape. I recommend the plug-in variety with a 9-volt battery backup. And as long as you’re doing detectors, don’t forget those unsung heroes of the house: your smoke detectors. 

It’s also a smart idea to clear your yard of any debris that could pose a danger when hidden under a few feet of snow. While you’re doing the walk-around, check in on your gutters — but first read our post about all things gutter-related

Lastly, if you’ve got a vulnerable person on your block, go ahead and give them your contact information now. 

Keeping on top of your property is just another chore that comes when you buy a home, but it is worth it to keep up the value of your home in the long run. Knowing how to properly manage your home, whether it’s a vacation home or a forever home, can really help to save you thousands of dollars every year. Contact us to see how we can help.