Fall, autumn, otoño — You know it’s that time of year when your building switches from air conditioning to heat. The cooler weather triggers thoughts of a crisp, new beginning in January. And as part of this new and improved version of yourself, your New Year’s Resolution is to get your refund direct-deposited by March.

It turns out the fall is the perfect time of year to preemptively start working on that New Year’s resolution. Here’s what you can do:  

  • Identify your needs and wants for the upcoming year, and make a rough spending plan based on what you figure out. Try to think in minimums and maximums when exact figures are unknown.
  • Good books are an auspicious start to anyone’s new year. If you haven’t been reconciling your accounts, consider contacting a bookkeeper to get you caught up — don’t make general ledger entries; they don’t make problems go away. 
  • If you don’t already have one, ask around for referrals to accountants your friends and family use.
  • Use Excel or Google Sheets instead of a calculator, and save the sheet in case you need to revisit it.
  • Recall what happened last year: When did your W2 arrive? When did you file? When did you get your refund?

Of course, your tax bill isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. If you’re like most Americans, you have a whole rogue’s gallery of recurring charges bleeding the vitality out of your bank account every month. Maybe you stopped watching Disney+ after you finished Wandavision, or you’ve never visited the gym in the two months since you joined. This fall is the perfect time to cancel those little burdens. 

As we approach tax season, JHA is ready and willing to help you get it all together, so you can keep yourself together. For more information, contact us