I’m so proud of the work Judith Heft & Associates has done helping seniors manage their money and avoid scams. Every now and then, though, we are contacted by potential clients and their trusted advisers with extraordinary projects that really make us flex our brain muscles and think outside the box.

Lately, we’ve been working with the executors and attorney of a woman who passed away and left a lot of loose ends. While she did have a will, she also had a lot of medical bills, and toward the end she wasn’t paying any of them. She also had two large properties that had various accounts in arrears.

It was a big undertaking, but the executors have been great to work with. They sent us all the information we needed (boxes and boxes of paperwork) to go through and to organize. There were a lot of details to attend to, some of them as mundane as making arrangements to return the cable boxes from the properties.

It’s true that dying without a will, or dying “intestate,” makes an estate much more complicated because of the legal (probate) process — but even if someone dies with a will, there’s still much to be done. People should make sure to name an executor for their estate who knows finance and has a handle on money, and will hire experts if it’s a big enough estate.

I enjoy this kind of work because it’s a different application of my bookkeeping and bill-paying skills. It’s not like the regular daily tasks we usually do for our clients, but it’s something that we do. If you need support resolving an estate, contact me.