Many of us associate spring cleaning with the reward of clean lines and surfaces throughout the living space — but there are also health benefits waiting there for the taking.

For example, bleach has been the frontline solution to sanitizing anything and everything. But there exists an option that is just as effective. Steam cleaning vacuums are having a moment ever since people started sharing all of the potential uses on social media. It turns out they’re not just good on furniture and carpets. Other uses include…

  • Tile floors
  • Oven tops
  • Counter tops
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor furniture 

…and new uses are being shared every day. Many of these steam cleaners are not any more expensive than regular vacuums.  

Decluttering also has health benefits in that it calms us and gives us a sense of accomplishment. According to someone, who was probably a whacko like everyone else making videos, studies have borne out this theory. 

A tip for decluttering is to remember all the areas of the house you feel guilty about — these are usually the areas you skip. There you’ll find your dust and pollen and, most likely, some receipts that you’ve been looking for.

How do air filters fit in with spring cleaning? You can do everything with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter! Also, consider the risks of forgetting to change the air filter in your furnace: complete and utter destruction of the furnace. I lived this vicariously through a friend and it was no fun. 

Taking these steps will have the unintended, or intended, consequence of reducing allergens in your home. For bonus points, you can try cleaning your windows with a hose, or wiping down your walls with a wet rag.  

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