Everybody’s talking about “COVID-10”.  The 10 extra pounds that creeped up and grew on us.  And messing with our minds all along the way. I know it’s not just me.  My friends have all been venting to me about how unhealthy and cooped up they feel. Without the daily reminder of the gym, many have lost their way nutritionally, as well.

I thought we’d focus on everybody living a new, healthier lifestyle, but doing so in a way that is consistent with their spending plan.

Healthy Spending Plan

One way is to grocery shop your way to savings — which, in itself, saves money on runs to gas stations and convenience stores. For even more savings, do the shopping online. That way you aren’t tempted by special displays all over the place. Those are meant to entice you into buying things that are not on your list. As someone once said, “That’s how they getcha!” 

When you’re online, there is no temptation like that. You can’t get sucked in, everything you buy is your idea — and you also have a little bit more time and leeway to compare prices.

Things that are on sale and non-perishable should be bought in bulk. You should be very disciplined about where you buy specialty items that are perishable. Doing your fruits and vegetables on a seasonal basis lowers the bill, and they’ll be perfectly ripe to boot.

I think most people know store brands are just as good as “the real thing,” most of the time, but if you haven’t yet caught on, it’s time to start living your truth and using store brands. Typically they’re manufactured in the same facilities as the branded options.

For a lot of people, it’s either meal prepping or take-out. Meal prepping is a way to replace fast food with real food that has the added seasoning of frugality. 

By meal prep I’m talking squares of baked ziti, lasagna, etc. Just decide the meal you want and figure out how to divide it, how to store it, and how to heat it up!

When it comes to wellness, a lot of fitness apps are free — and the free versions are not bad. A lot of personal trainers are giving free classes, including on YouTube. Like every year, the great outdoors are ready to be conquered as spring builds momentum and vaccination rates soar. 

As you start to take in more of the world, let us worry about the details back home. Contact us to learn more.