The housing market is hot right now, and if you’re looking to sell your home, the one area where you can get additional bang for your renovation buck is increasing your curb appeal. 

The outside is always the first thing a potential buyer sees, so it makes sense to keep it as attractive as possible. What’s more, research suggests you probably can get 5%-11% more for your home when it’s got great curb appeal.

Here are some curb appeal-centric ideas that were new to me — and hopefully to you, as well:

  • The exterior paint, roof, and driveway are what greet potential buyers. These are all excellent things to renew with a power washer
  • Nighttime lighting is important, especially in the winter. There are thousands of DIY solar lights you can embellish with, but it’s probably a good idea to get the main lighting system done by a professional. A professional system not only adds value to the house, but it’s a commitment to safety. Plus, I’ve never seen those solar lights last much past midnight.
  • Always be mindful of hidden nooks and crannies that nurture mold and mildew. It may be necessary to contact a professional to truly eradicate any vast civilizations of mold that previously grew unchecked. 
  • Always clean out your gutters, because you’d be surprised how many buyers bring that up first. 
  • Wash. Your. Windows. It’s horrible, I know, but there are all kinds of products meant to make the job easier. For outside windows, I’m still more of a sponge-and-paper-towel type of person.
  • Upgrading your mailbox and/or your address signage also adds to curb appeal because they’re literally on the curb.

You don’t have to do a lot to make a big impact on curb appeal. We all know that upgrading the kitchen or bathroom yields a return on investment — it’s time to start thinking of the outside of the house in the same way. Then you can be like me, and move your canasta game out to the front yard.

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