Is there such a thing as the Perfect Gift?  Do you ever just find yourself sitting and staring at your to-do list, and dreading all the upcoming gifts you have to purchase?  I do….gift giving is too fine an art to mess up — especially when you care enough to put real creative energy and personalization into the process. Over the years I’ve found some go-to sites when it comes to gifts, like Amazon, eShakti, and Uncommongoods. 

Judy and I have thought long and hard about what makes the perfect gift. We can help! Just contact us and ask one of our lifestyle concierges to help!

 Five Gift-Giving Brainstorms for the Perfect Gift

  1. Show them how to make an Amazon Wishlist.
  2. Describe the person in your own words. Try to come up with three sentences. Enter them into Google and see what comes up.
  3. Upgrade their hobby. Get them some next generation equipment. 
  4. Look over the person’s social media feeds. They may actually be very public about the things they want to buy. 
  5. Give an experience instead of a gift. The cliché is skydiving, but there are so many -ings out there.

There’s always the option of saying to the giftee, “Hey, what do you want for your birthday?” and that can be charming if done right. As for the Amazon Wishlist: It may seem cynical and clinical and joyless — but there is nothing joyless about a kid who receives an Amazon box on the doorstep.  

One thing is certain and that is everyone appreciates everyone else a little bit more now. Life seems more like a gift, and not a race against time. So when all else fails, just hang out, drink some coffee or wine, and enjoy your time with the giftee.