Veteran homeowners know all the intense feelings that come along with buying a house. When I was purchasing my first house with my husband, we were elated — we were also the “take my money now” kind of homebuyers who used our hearts instead of our heads.

Because of that, we went through higher-than-average costs to get the house quicker so we could begin moving in immediately. Our hearts led us straight into a couple thousand more dollars in closing costs. That’s why I made a cheat sheet of the things I wish I knew.

  1. Do think of the professional inspection as an investment. Don’t shop for your inspector by price.
  2. Do buy based on needs. Don’t say to yourself, “At least we’ll have it.”
  3. Do buy a house that has “good bones” and the receipts to prove it. Don’t buy a house because of clever staging.
  4. Do go to viewings with a partner in crime. Don’t allow real estate agents to get you alone.
  5. Do turn every faucet and let the oven heat up. Don’t fret over looking too Type-A.
  6. Do imagine every house as a home. Don’t only look at curb appeal.
  7. Do take everything you read in a real estate ad with a grain of salt. Don’t expect the home to look anything like the picture (single people know what I’m talking about).

Of course the most powerful thing you can do to ensure a smooth(er) home-buying process is to know your numbers: your credit score, income forecast, and all the other vital signs that we monitor at JHA. Contact us to learn more about building up your home-buying armor.