A family’s financial needs may involve anything from finding an appraiser to doing light forensic accounting. That’s why it takes more than a bookkeeper to make your finances effortless — it takes a financial concierge.

My journey to being a financial concierge took me through a lot of life’s most common pitfalls, like procrastination and bank-balance denial, before I got my act together. It’s part of my mission to remember those struggles when I talk to clients who are in a similar situation.     

What are some of the other roles a financial concierge can fill?

  • Fiduciary: A financial concierge is a fiduciary role, which means your best interest is our guiding principle. A fiduciary will always seek to save you money and spare you headaches.
  • Coach: At JHA, our financial concierge division also offers money coaching. Money coaching is for people who want to get to the root cause of their issues with money. 
  • Power of Attorney: JHA has experience serving as a power of attorney, and takes the role very seriously. It’s not uncommon for a person to need a power of attorney as they age, and choosing JHA for that role ensures that their interests will be looked out for.
  • Estate Work: Whether it’s organizing papers or auctioning off significant pieces of art, JHA has experience getting estates in shape for their final disposition — so that you can breathe a sigh of relief and a challenging chapter in your life can draw to a close.
  • Education: In conjunction with our Lifestyle Division, our services include being a money mentor to your kid(s).
  • Personalized Plans: We have a small office with a cohesive team where everybody knows your name — and your goals. You’ll never be a stranger here!     

Having a financial concierge by your side makes you stronger and more prepared to deal with anything life throws at you. For more information, click here!