At Judith Heft and Associates, we offer a way for highly successful people to carve more time out of the day with the services that we provide. 

We provide customized, personal, lifestyle, and financial concierge solutions for individuals who require assistance in managing their organizational and financial needs. 

Our team has extensive knowledge in personal and financial services, which makes us well poised to assist high net-worth clients, with needs such as: 

  • Managing multiple properties
  • Keeping track of dozens of insurance policies
  • Bill paying 
  • Organizing physical space
  • Tracking charitable contributions 

Update: We’re pleased to announce the addition of Personal Lifestyle Concierge Services to our menu. We want to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE and save you TIME.

  • We can find the right vendors and schedule all your appointments.
  • We can help with downsizing after divorce. 
  • We can help with decluttering, move in, move out services. 
  • We can get a tutor for your favorite student. 
  • We can take an inventory of your house if you’re moving away for retirement (eg: what to bring, sell, or donate).

Our goal is to provide the best end-to-end lifestyle concierge service for our clients. If you’d like to see how we can tailor our services to your unique circumstances, contact us!