Despite the warm temperatures, if you look closely, you’ll see that some of the leaves are beginning to change colors and some are even falling. Soon, the air will catch up and cool down. With Labor Day over and the school busses on the streets, I’m thinking about fall and getting back into the work zone.

Here are some other tips for cleaning up your finances:

  • Call your CPA: Schedule an appointment now for after October 15 — that’s when things quiet down for accountants. An early meeting also allows you to make corrections if you haven’t been contributing enough to your retirement accounts.
  • Automatic payments (the good): Automatic payments are a double-edged sword. For payments that are the same every month, they save time and ensure you are not late on your most important bills:
    • Mortgage
    • Car payment
    • Cable
    • Dues for homeowners’ associations/condo boards
  • Automatic payments (the bad and the ugly): I’m not saying that a recurring payment for a subscription to The New York Times is going to ruin you financially, but unused subscriptions do pile up like so much straw on a camel’s back. That includes gym and dating apps that you don’t use anymore.
  • Keep, toss, or shred your heart out: Things like paper copies of bills or account statements; explanations of benefits from your health insurer; and obsolete instruction manuals do not need to be taking up room in your living space. I recommend making three piles (keep, toss, or shred) and sorting your paper mess according to those categories. If you are doing the shredding, make sure you have a cross-cut machine. If you hire a company, make sure they are secure.

Ever have a day where you do everything you’re supposed to do and more? Imagine having that feeling not only one day, but every day! That is what I am talking about!