Have you heard of Murphy’s Law?  Well, let me share…  In the last two weeks, my clothes dryer has died.  I detected rotted sections in my siding.  My downstairs bathroom sink started leaking… After the obligatory feeling sorry for myself and re-watching The Money Pit in my head, I got to work.  

In order to replace the clothes dryer, I had to start with measuring the space — because you can’t buy anything bigger than you can fit! Then, I let my fingers do the hard labor…typing and using Google to determine the best-rated dryers at the best rates. Once I found the right dryer for me, I did another shopping search to determine the best place to purchase it. 

Remember to download Honey into your Chrome Browser — it will place all the current coupons in your cart for checkout.  

Also, remember to check your credit cards for rewards at certain stores. I don’t mean to brag, but look how great I am: I not only got a coupon for my new dryer from Honey, but also $100 back from American Express for buying it at Best Buy in a separate promotion. Now that’s a win!

As for the rotted sections in my home siding….and the bathroom sink repair…that requires a carpenter and a plumber — both of which were not in my proverbial Rolodex. So what is a smart and savvy woman to do? Crowd source, of course!

Social Media is not only for promoting your business and wishing someone a happy birthday! You should use sites like Next Door Neighbor, Facebook, and Instagram and ask the people you are connected to (safe assumption: those are also people you know and trust) who are the best local craftspeople in your neighborhood. And that is just what I did. 

By the end of this week, I should be back on track with all repairs. Although a little lighter in my wallet, long-term investments in your home are good expenditures. If you ever need great referrals, do not hesitate to ask us at JHA — our network is expansive, and when we don’t have the right referral, we will crowdsource one for you!  Murphy’s Law can be overturned!