JHA is a judgment-free zone. When it comes to your debt, we approach it from your angle. Being constantly reminded of it doesn’t help you fix it any sooner. What’s more, even the most reputable company’s collections can be serviced by ethically dubious, fly-by-night call centers that ignore fair debt collection practices.

Since 1977, rules have been in place that have prevented debt collectors from expanding into more modern means of communications like:

  • Texting you about your debt
  • Leaving comments about your debt on your social media posts
  • Direct messaging you about your debt 

That is all about to change.

During her tenure in the last administration, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau president Kathleen Kraninger put in place a sweeping rule change that allows debt collectors to do all of those things.

In a blog post about the change, Kraninger frames the rule change as one which will protect consumers. For example, debt collectors are only allowed to contact us seven times in seven days. Under the new rule, everytime a call goes to voicemail will be counted against that limit. 

I don’t know what will be the result of this new erosion of privacy rights, other than a new trend of people using even more fake names on social media. At JHA we know how to talk to debt collectors because we’ve been there. We’ve also been to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act’s Wikipedia page. Contact us to talk about your debt. If we can’t help you, we can recommend a lawyer who can.