Fresh from a vacation in the deep South, I’m feeling grateful for my ability to travel — which is made possible by my all-star team.

As I was taking a horse-and-buggy ride around Charleston, South Carolina, Sharon Wilson took the driver’s seat at Judith Heft & Associates. Again, I am fortunate; Sharon is not only passionate about the well-being of our clients, she has a quality that few leaders ever get from one of their team: the ability to make almost all decisions in my place.

Back in Charleston I met up with seven of my oldest and dearest friends. It was easy to forget about work with fried green tomatoes and a table full of friendly faces in front of me…and wine, plenty of wine. As a friend once told me, “You’ve worked in the vineyards and now it is time to enjoy the wine.”

Meanwhile, my other team member, Karen Hagerty, was taking care of a large project settling an estate. Karen has been working closely with the executors of the deceased, as well as the Trusts and Estates attorneys who are settling this estate.

My friends and I continued our tour of the deep South, ending up in Savannah, Georgia. Again, we were confronted with rich and delicious food, like Southern fried chicken and fried green tomatoes. Throughout the trip I was really great at NOT checking my email, since I knew everything was being taken care of.

Finding talented people to come work for your company may feel like Groundhog Day, but it’s important to remember what a great team member can do for your business — and the number of stamps on your passport. And once you find one, keep them happy!