If you’re like me, you’re beginning to remember who you were in the summer — that care-free human living for the moment. With Labor Day still a distant spot on the horizon, it might be good self-care to escape the Northeast and get some sunshine to tide you over until then.

To that end, ever notice how a getaway fare you checked yesterday will magically go up the next day? It didn’t go up for everyone. Try going to a different computer and searching again — you’re likely to find the original fare. Airlines use cookies and browser history to determine their prices online. The good news is that the Chrome browser has a feature called Incognito Mode that shields you from identifying cookies somehow. 

Always search for flights in Incognito Mode!

There’s a lot of conventional wisdom surrounding air travel that needs to be interrogated, but the trope about buying tickets late on Tuesday nights is entirely correct. According to one source, being at the ready around midnight on a Tuesday will get you 6% off flights. 

Some people forget that there’s actually a fun way to save money if you go to where your friends are. While saving on hotels, you can catch up with your chosen family — and their washing machine, which makes it easy to stick with a carry-on bag for the whole trip. Even if you prefer to stay in hotels, having friends nearby could conceivably eliminate entertainment expenses for kids or yourself. Also, free food.

Some other tips to save money traveling include:

  • Arriving mid-week and staying over a weekend to save money
  • Not touching food or drink in an airport 
  • Authentic restaurants off the beaten path are better and cheaper.

It’s also vital to check in advance that your debit and/or credit card will work overseas. Some people keep an account at one of the major banks just so that they know it will work overseas. 

One of my sources was an exceptionally clear and thorough YouTube video about airline pricing. Check it out here.

JHA can help you get currency; double-check that your cards will work; and vet and organize travel and health insurance products. Contact us — and also, ciao bella.