I’ve always been creative thinking of ways to spend less and save more. As a young adult, I developed what I thought was a pretty neat method for making my credit cards impossible to use . I would freeze them in a giant block of ice. That way, I would have to wallow in my shame as I picked away the ice if I decided to throw caution to the wind. 

Looking back, that was a pretty extreme method. Nowadays it’s much easier to force self-control onto yourself with a product called the Kitchen Safe.

The Kitchen Safe is a time-locked, tamper-proof, miniature safe. The user sets the amount of time to stay locked.  The safe allows five seconds for the user to change their mind. The safe then locks with a simple mechanism.  Once closed, the only thing that will open it is the passage of time. Even if you take the batteries out.

Originally debuting on Shark Tank, the safe is a powerful tool that helps people cultivate more self-control. The various sizes can be used to store:

  • Food: A slice of chocolate cake fits in even the smallest model.
  • Money: The safe can be set for as much as 10 days.
  • Medication: Prevent taking too much habit-forming medication by accident.

The people I know who have used the safe have only positive things to say about the devices.  They all say that after a while they don’t need to lock up their temptations anymore. That said, there is no shame in depending on your Kitchen Safe!

How do you control your temptations?