What is the difference between a financial concierge and a bookkeeper?

Our team has several financial concierges, and they’ll tell you that they pay more attention to detail than a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers are great at data entry, but they don’t necessarily know the difference between a debit and a credit. Some are QuickBooks experts, but they don’t really understand it. They don’t understand taxes, either.

A financial concierge goes above and beyond. We do bookkeeping and bill pay, but we look at all of your bills critically. For instance, if you have a water bill that is twice as much this month compared to the previous month, we will look into that — including taking care of a leak for you. Sometimes when bills are just too high, there’s often a reason for that, or it can be a mistake. A financial concierge looks into that.

We’ll make sure that nothing is missed. We’ll work closely with your CPA, with your wealth advisor, with your attorneys to do whatever needs to be done to make sure that your household or your business is a well oiled machine. We’ll make sure that your taxes are all paid in a timely manner and work closely with your other financial and legal professionals.  

A higher credit score. Because of our vigilance in paying your bills, your credit score is likely to increase. A bookkeeper might not ask any questions if they don’t receive a bill, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not due. It could have gotten lost in the mail. So it’s always good to have someone keeping an active watch over your books.   

We reconcile, we look at last month, we look at the other months in the quarter, and we see if there’s anything that we might’ve missed. There’s a lot of attention to detail as a financial concierge, much more than a regular bookkeeper.

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