It’s the time of year when people are thinking about patio furniture they want to buy, and other people are thinking about furniture they want to sell. Facebook Marketplace, or simply “Marketplace,” seems like the perfect solution to bring these two groups of people together — and it often is. So what happens those other times? Below you’ll find a list of some common scenarios.

  • Buyer Scams are scams in which the buyer is the one who does the fraud. This includes saying they never received an order (when they did), and flagging you for fraud after they receive the item.
  • Seller scams are when the person doing the fraud is the seller. Examples include fulfilling orders with different, often cheaper, merchandise; claiming the item was shipped out when it never was; and requiring a deposit that was never discussed. 
  • Listing scams are when the listing itself is fraudulent. That includes trying to lure you off Marketplace to do the transaction somewhere else — often by selling something at a conspicuously low price.
  • Overpayment scams are similar to the Nigerian prince scams, but with an extra layer of betrayal included. The scammer overpays for something you’re selling, and asks you to reimburse them the difference. Meanwhile, they’ve already started a chargeback for the initial sum they sent. Always cancel orders when people overpay.
  • Stolen goods make their way to Marketplace regularly, but there are a few things you can do to avoid buying them. If the price is too low, or the person is aggressive about getting the deal done, it is entirely possible that they are trying to sell stolen goods. Obviously don’t engage those people, especially by giving them your phone number or address.

All the usual safety features apply for in-person meetings, but also make sure you know who is moving the item and, if not you, where it is being deposited. I heard about a couch incident in which two people with bad backs were stuck because they didn’t confirm who would be moving the couch up the stairs. 

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