Times were simpler when home security could be established simply by displaying a sign — but that’s known as the forward passage of time, and we just have to deal with it.

Nowadays, home security services have “absorbed” a nanny cam/baby monitor function, which turns out to be a big difference between traditional services and newer, wireless security systems that you install yourself. 

There are at least three different options to choose from for self-installing security systems: SimpliSafe, Abode, and Frontpoint.

Reading the reviews, I saw people saying they are very satisfied with the product, but only for their second home. The biggest reason given was that the video quality on platforms like these is considerably lower than a hard-wired connection. 

Some people said that, only after installing a DIY security system, did they learn they had to pay more every month to use Alexa or Google. (Frankly, I would not be surprised if other companies did this.) There were some reports of technical things happening, the lesson of which was, “Turn off your wifi before installing.” One person claimed that their equipment was a victim of planned obsolescence after a forced update “broke everything.”  

The positive reviews seemed genuine, as in, I would sound like that if I ever felt compelled to write a review. There were a lot of people complimenting the tech, which admittedly does look pretty neat. 

As far as subscriptions, the lowest I saw was $18 — but we already know these companies take a Spirit Airlines/Ryanair approach to pricing to mask the true cost. 

“De-masking” costs is something our Lifestyle Division can do for you. Whether it’s comparing Ryanair with other airlines, or finding out the actual-and-true price of a DIY security subscription before you buy it for your second home — Contact us to learn more!