“The Dutch came to New York City and established a trading post there to make a buck, or to make a guilder.” – Historian Kenneth Jackson

And so began the hustle and bustle that would eventually come to be iconic of New York City. Whether you’re a “New York, New York,” kind of gal or a “Let’s hear it for New York,” kind of guy, the city promises to change you a little bit every time you go there.

A  few weeks ago I found myself driving from my home town of Stamford, Connecticut to the Metro North station closest to my house for a meeting with some clients in Manhattan. They are a young couple, making it big in the big time, much like my own two daughters. Like my daughters, they had recently introduced a little baby into the world and it was my honor to meet her.

Our meeting barely felt like work at all. This couple was dutiful in following through with the organization system I recommended, and there were no loose ends or 5-alarm fires to put out. Plus, I genuinely enjoyed their company.

When we were done, I had the entire city as my playground…for the next four days! I was staying at a friend’s apartment and found myself in the lap of luxury. From there I scheduled spa treatments, drinks with friends and time to do lots of walking:

  • to The Whitney Museum
  • across parts of the high line
  • through Central Park

But perhaps it was the ordinary walking, that brisk pace or those bright lights, but not only did I feel sustained by the energy around me, I was recharging, growing stronger and wiser as well.

At the end of the week, when I returned to beautiful, downtown Stamford, my shoulders were loose, my neck was relaxed, and I was ready for anything.
Let’s hear it for New York!