The gig economy really is great — if you’ve got a workout bench that needs to be assembled or a minor computer problem. When it comes to acting as a fiduciary, though, mobile apps, shared WiFi, and “thinking outside the box” just aren’t enough.

At Judith Heft & Associates, we never take our work home with us. Why would we when our office is so secure?

  • WiFi is not used in the office.
  • Our work stations have secure connections to our secure server.
  • Documents are scanned, password-protected, and securely shredded.
  • We have a password generator to produce unhackable passwords.

Whenever I hear of a freelance bookkeeper who is available “24/7,” it’s obvious that much of that availability will be from home. And homes are overwhelmingly networked via WiFi, with varying levels of security (because people don’t know or they don’t care).

I think I’m known for being open minded, but when it comes to protecting my clients, I am 100% pro-establishment. Landlines. No work from home. Background checks. Professional disposal of shredded documents. A caller ID your vendors can trust. 

So while working remotely is gaining in popularity and many individuals like it, we like security more.