Just as I was dreaming of a neat desk, new computers and paperless technologies in my new office, I received some frustrating news: My move-in date was postponed a week! Starting Monday, June 24, I will be doing business in my new office at 1177 Summer Street in Stamford.

The take-away from these past few weeks seems to be that, when moving, prepare for unexpected time drains.

The US Postal Service sure has not been shy about reminding me that patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid it – “Snail Mail” is still a top priority for most bookkeepers because tax payments and vouchers must be submitted as paper checks via the Postal Service.

That’s why I was recently disappointed to find out the Postal Service would not..

…forward any of my clients’ bills to my new office.

…forward any personal mail to a business address.

That adds up to a lot of extra work for my staff and me. Luckily I am a patient person who makes lemonade out of lemons, and I used this as an opportunity to quadruple check “the vitals” of all the accounts. I know someone who just received a utility bill addressed to the previous owner of her house, several months after moving in. I would like to avoid that!

Other Time Drains

You can always expect some unexpected delays, like privacy restrictions that may seem cumbersome, but are good to have in place. In my role as advocate for my clients, I frequently take on the important duty of Power of Attorney. Most insurance providers and medicare require proof of Power of Attorney in order to perform a simple change of address.

As far as changing the address on bank accounts, personal banking information is easily updated online, but I had to find time to visit my bank in person for my business account.

Later on that day, the best part of the move: The professional shredders arrived and securely destroyed all the paper I no longer need…what a cleansing, all within less than 15 minutes.

I would like to say kudos to all the great people who have dealt gracefully with my apparent presence in two separate offices at the same time this week!

Do you need help organizing for your move? Do you want to make your existing office feel new again?

Judith HeftJudith Heft, Principal, Judith Heft & Associates is a personal financial concierge with offices in Greenwich and Stamford. She can be contacted via email at judy@judithheft.com or by phone 203-978-1858.