I love Thanksgiving — especially because, despite the bounty of tangible things to be grateful for, everyone seems to naturally turn their gratitude to the people in their lives. I am grateful to say that I have people in my life who make every day easier and more fulfilling for me. 

My Operations Manager, Karen Hagerty, does a phenomenal job. She understands me and is able to seamlessly pick up wherever I leave off. She has a different mindset than me about different things, but that’s part of what makes her a great person to bounce ideas off of. Idea-bouncee? 

My account managers, Sharon and Irene, are more than just 9-5 workers. They take their work so seriously because they really care about the clients that they handle. 

My Executive Assistant, Ed, stays on top of things. Lately he’s been helping the rest of us stay on top of things by training us on productivity tools. He also maintains my calendar and sends life-saving reminders to me. 

My Marketing Manager, Christina, has a bevy of wonderful ideas to help JHA stay at the forefront of your mind on all of our social media platforms. . 

My persnickety pundit on parsimonious punctuation, or Editor, Dan, helps me create and has my back all the time. 

I’m part of a team of people who I do videos with, who support me, encourage me, and help me to be better every time I get in front of the camera. 

I have a brilliant and loving coach, Fabienne Fredrickson. I wouldn’t have this successful  business today if I hadn’t been working with her for the past four years.

In my personal life, my family is healthy and happy. I have five delicious grandchildren that love me unconditionally, and of course my two daughters and sons-in-law. I have an outstanding man in my life whose company I adore. 

It’s true what they say about teamwork: There is no “Z” in it. There is also no “I.” I’m really fortunate to have a lot of people backing me up. I’m also grateful for the people who can’t be there this year, like my parents. They taught me first and foremost that family is everything, how to be an ethical businesswoman, and that business is more than just dollars and cents. For that I will always be grateful. It’s truly because of them that I have so much to be thankful for.