Have you ever partially charged your phone, but you got a call — and then partially charged it again when another call comes through — etc., etc.? It makes you wonder about the battery, even though there is no real problem.

Likewise, sometimes people think their financial situation is worse than it really is. It can be hard to tell without a spending plan — and even if you have an ample supply of “power” (income) a spending plan can: 

  • Help you evenly distribute retirement income over a long life
  • Achieve your charitable giving or legacy goals
  • Support vendors who align with your values
  • Plan for periods of poor health or recovery

Spending plans can range from being strict budget-cutting tools, to a set of general guidelines and suggestions. They can be hands-on, with you inputting your data into a program like Quicken or Mint; or as hands-off as giving your daily money manager a garbage bag full of receipts and getting on with your life.

The point is that having a spending plan is like having a full battery — it gives you enough time to plan ahead, you can depend on it, and everyone should have one.

Reach out to us, we can help you get financially organized for a better today and tomorrow.