What we offer for you

Judy Heft offers professional and personal assistant services that are tailored to meet the specific and changing needs of her clients. All financial concierge services are provided on an accurate and timely basis with complete confidentiality.




  • bill-paying
  • financial reporting
  • reconciling bank statements
  • negotiating with vendors
  • preparing and filling out tax organizers
  • filing household payroll, property, and estimated taxes
  • tracking charitable contributions and
  • preparing reports and tax organizers for the clients CPA.
  • Working with executors in estate settlement reconciliation

We will free you from the stress and worry of managing your bills and paperwork. Over 23 years in business have helped us to identify the steps that lead us to success. Are you drowning in your own paperwork because you can’t find the time or energy to do it yourself? As a financial concierge, we will pay your bills, organize your financial documents for your CPA, and work closely with your tax attorney. We will handle routine financial transactions, maintain and reconcile your credit card and bank accounts by paying and organizing your bills either online or by check. Is household payroll giving you a headache because you are constantly trying to keep up with the changes in withholding taxes? We will act as the liaison between you and the household or professional payroll service and we will be your pain reliever.

Are your files a big mess? We will organize and set up your home filing systems in a way so you can immediately put your finger on an important piece of paper. Is your credit score in jeopardy because you are too busy to pay your bills on time? Did you miss a tax payment or fall behind on your mortgage or credit card payment because you were traveling? We will not only maintain the records but we will ensure timely payment of estimated taxes, property taxes, insurance premiums, credit card bills, auto registrations, mortgages, utility bills, and others. Our clients have high credit scores! Being a personal financial concierge we will track your charitable contributions and make sure we have the supporting documents; we will fill out your tax organizer so you can relax on the beach in March and April. Are you part of the sandwich generation trying to juggle helping your older parents with their finances as well as dealing with your own daily money management? Are your parents becoming more and more dependent on you for daily money management? For older adults, we will make timely bill payments, organize their financial records, manage their mail, and maintain lines of communication with family members.


What we offer for you

Q: What type of person needs the financial concierge services of Judith Heft & Associates?
A: Busy executives, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, owners of multiple homes, and other individuals with financial organization needs.
Q: How do your bill paying services differ from automatic deductions from my accounts?
A: Automatic deductions can save you time but requires you to manage your own accounts. Judy Heft works directly with you to understand your specific needs and provides customized full-service management of your personal bills.
Q: What types of bookkeeping services are provided by Judith Heft & Associates?
A: Services including managing bank accounts, generating computerized reports, managing household payroll and taxes, organizing and paying bills, maintaining tax records, tracking charitable contributions, and creating customized reports for your CPA at tax time.
Q: Does Judith Heft & Associates take the place of our current financial advisors?
A: Judith Heft & Associates works with your advisors. We provide your financial and legal professionals with necessary information on your accounts and business activities.
Q: How can Judith Heft & Associates assist us in organizing our family office?
A: Judy Heft will meet with you to discuss your family’s unique financial and business needs and to recommend an appropriate suite of financial concierge services.
Q: Do you work with older adults?
A: Older adults often cannot or should not continue to manage their finances on their own. Judith Heft & Associates works with older adults to manage their finances in a way that maintains financial health while preserving their self-esteem.
Q: Will my financial information be kept confidential?
A: Absolutely! Judy maintains the highest standards of confidentiality, upholding the codes of ethics of the American Association of Daily Money. These strict standards ensure that all business is conducted in a safe and secure manner to protect your privacy.
Q: What does the service cost?
A:Fees are based on an hourly rate. Judy will provide a free consultation after a short review of your individual needs to determine the best solution possible. Judith Heft & Associates provides the most efficient and knowledgeable service, thereby saving you time and money.
Q: Can Judith Heft & Associates provide a list of references?
A: We provide client references upon request.


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