My podcast, Mastering Your Financial Life, is now available on Spotify — and everywhere else you get your podcasts.

Join me as I interview thought leaders across Connecticut and New York. Guests have included: 

  • Trust & estates attorneys 
  • Family and matrimonial attorneys 
  • Financial advisors 
  • Insurance professionals 
  • Insurance billing specialists
  • Professional Organizers
  • Coaches

Attorneys are great guests because they always have something useful that they’re willing to tell us for free. We’ve covered all kinds of different topics, like estate planning, getting your personal finances in order, or how your divorce is going to affect your bottom line. (Unfortunately, the myth persists that couples save money when they get divorced.) 

Things like getting advance directives set up, figuring out a durable power of attorney, and choosing an executor have all been expounded on by my experts and me. 

In addition to serving a fresh crudité of financial wisdom, the show also has an unmistakable bias for small business. I make a point of speaking to the trials and tribulations that small businesses and solo practitioners face.

This is a podcast, so you may be asking the question everyone wants to know about podcasts: Is there banter? We know how to read the room, so we usually save our funny stories for when we stop recording!

In addition to Spotify, Mastering Your Financial Life can be found on iTunes, Google Podcasts, YouTube, Stitcher, and Listen Notes.