Recently I had the enormous pleasure of taking in the sights and sounds of some more tropical latitudes in Fort Lauderdale and then Cancun.

Fort Lauderdale was first, where I attended a seminar full of like-minded people and I learned to focus on my intentions with my mentor, Fabienne Fredrickson from Of course I reserved some (a lot) of time to spend on the beach — which is my favorite place to be.  I don’t even have to read, I can just look at the waves and be revitalized by the beauty of the ocean.

When planning the trip I decided to cap it off with a week in Cancun. Once there it took me a day to acclimate and then I was blissfully disconnected from my emails and voicemails. It was just what the doctor ordered.

A lot of people discouraged me from going to Cancun because they were worried about my safety, but I was never concerned about safety the whole time I was there. We had a driver that picked us up, drove us to wherever we needed to go, and then picked us up again when we were done. Despite the word on the street, I did not pick up on any party vibe. In fact, the restaurants were all top-notch, continental dining rooms, each one was prettier than the one before it.

Note to Self: Stop Taking Notes! By Judy Heft

A room with a view.

So why am I bragging about my vacation to you? Because I had an epiphany that I believe everyone can learn from: Vacations are not a luxury, they are a necessity.

That’s not to say that everyone should get out their passports and fly around the world for an unforgettable week, but everyone should periodically take time off of work to recharge their batteries. Especially in the New York metropolitan area, where there is so much to do in terms of spas and great restaurants.  

My plan for 2018 will be to take more time off — and I hope I have encouraged you to do the same!

How are you planning to disconnect and relax in 2018?