Today my focus is on people going through troubled marriages or who are already somewhere in the divorce process. 

Judith Heft & Associates is 100% owned and operated by women.  Plus, we’ve all been divorced. Our experiences were different, and we’re all in different stages of life, but we’ve gone through the process. That makes us uniquely empathetic and compassionate to people making that same, momentous change in their lives. We have a deep understanding of what it means to get a fresh start and rebuild — and how that goal can be achieved with a brand new team behind you. 

We can provide the financials so you can prepare accurate financial affidavits or statements of net worth. The same reports will help to calculate and forecast cash flow needs. This ensures that you are getting the correct amount of alimony and child support. 

Divorce by the Numbers

  • 45% of first marriages end in divorce; 60% of second marriages; and 73% of third marriages.
  • Approximately 75% of divorcees remarry
  • 6% of former spouses remarry each other
  • Most people think about divorce for 2 years before acting on it
  • Facebook is the #1 source of electronic evidence in divorce litigation

We do more than daily money management. We can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve so you can make a fresh start with your best foot forward. Our Lifestyle team will refer you to attorneys and mediators that we know and highly respect. Judith Heft & Associates also has a network of accountants, trust and estate attorneys, wealth managers, and insurance professionals that we have worked with for years. Our network becomes your network.

Although experts with providing you financial freedom, we’ll also hold your hand through this. You’ll have an opportunity to come out the other side better, stronger, and smarter. Yes you can!