Money is more than dollars and cents, money is about emotions


Taking care of your money is an act of self-love. If you love and care for your money properly it will love and care for you right back.

For the better part of my single and married life, I was irresponsible with money and I didn’t have a plan. I took the part of the innocent victim even though I was the breadwinner. It didn’t take long before we had drained all our accounts. After a bankruptcy and a failed marriage, I was living hand to mouth.

Can you relate?
I was in denial for many years myself. In my situation, I gave away my power by ignoring my financial issues.

I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault.
We need to create new patterns and habits that break the ones of the past. Old habits are comfortable, because we are used to them. However, we must learn that they are typically worn out and need to be replaced.

Money has a big impact on our minds and the choices we make. We develop our habits about money from early childhood. Money coaching is about teaching you how to create new habits.

To change where we are going, first we must understand where we came from. Only then can we identify the roles these unconscious patterns have played. I believe new money habits can change relationships, set better examples, and get you out of debt. You will also develop an improved connection, including how you view, save, and spend it. As we become aware of how we play the money game, we will learn to identify obstacles and discover ways to make meaningful changes.

Our Money Coaching Program is a practical formula to manage and grow your money as we:

  • Assess your “money type” and help you gain insight where your money habits came from
  • Work closely to develop new money habits to form better behaviors and improve your relationship with money
  • Become aware of how money habits affect your relationships with family and peers
  • Transform how you think and feel about money
  • Give you more awareness, understanding and wisdom around your relationship with money
  • Become more financially empowered by removing personal roadblocks around money

Doing this work, you will get clarity on…

  • How your money types have evolved
  • How you formed your habits and beliefs with money
  • How to break through your barriers to create new healthy patterns