I’ve been unofficially coaching people about money for over 22 years, but only recently have I formally studied it at the Money Coaching Institute. I’ve witnessed bankruptcy, people outliving their money, divorce, frivolous spending, children with a sense of entitlement, women who are in the dark about their household finances…and I decided that I want to help stop any more people from going through such problems.

Our money habits come from childhood. We absorb our parents’ attitudes toward it, picking up on the subtle vibes and tension that surface when paying the bills. Money coaching is about teaching people how to create new habits, get out of debt, change relationships, and encourage a better overall experience with money for the next generation.

In order to change our habits, we have to recall where we came from. For example, during much of my single and married life, I was irresponsible about money, even though I was the breadwinner. I didn’t have any plan, and instead of paying attention, I played the part of the innocent victim. After a bankruptcy and a divorce, I was living hand-to-mouth.

Fortunately, I know how to make money. I started building my resources, reinvented myself, and founded Judith Heft & Associates 22 years ago.

During that time I read a lot of self-help books about finances, but none really spoke to me until I came across Money Magic by Deborah Price. It taught me how to recognize those self-destructive money habits — and how I can go about being more aware of how I handle money in the present moment. I looked at my own history and how I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, and I thought my story can serve as a lesson for other people.

Central to my coaching technique is the concept of money types. Whether someone is afraid of running out of money, or is afraid to spend money, we can go through the process that enabled me to have a better outlook and a better handle on my own money. As they (whoever they are) say: Those who know, teach.

So many people resist paying attention to their money. My mission is to empower them with the knowledge that old habits can be broken — the old VHS tapes of your bad relationship with money can be replaced with a library of money skills that’s more like Netflix. If you’d like to find out more, contact me to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation.