With bungee jumping temporarily off my dance card, I was able to pour all of my energy into writing a new curriculum for my Money Circles on Zoom. As a Certified Money Coach, it’s important that I stay up-to-date with current events — and the current is changing fast.

What’s clear is that no matter what happens, people are people. People will continue finding themselves stuck with rigid behaviors that they can’t change because they don’t understand them. In my Money Circles, I’m going to ask you to be unflinchingly honest with yourself about money. What are your biggest fears about money? What do you want to happen?  

A great tool to answer those questions is finding your money type. A money type is an idea that certain spending habits tend to happen together in the same person. By matching yourself with a money type, you can shed light on habits that always lurked just off your radar. There are eight money types:

  • The Innocent is very trusting, happy-go-lucky, and financially dependent. 
  • The Victim often feels powerless and lives in the past
  • The Warrior is confident and powerful. 
  • The Martyr neglects their own needs and is often controlling. 
  • The Fool gambles and doesn’t care about money. Sometimes they’re overly generous. 
  • The Creator has a love-hate relationship with money and often struggles financially.
  • The Tyrant can be controlling and manipulative. 
  • The Magician is the ideal money type. The Magician is loving, wise, generous, trusting, powerful, and financially stable. 

We all have a little bit of each type in us. Together we will help you become more aware of your money habits and I will help you create a new mindset around money. I will be the bridge to self-awareness so you can move beyond these limiting beliefs and behaviors and can pave a new way for the next generation. 

We’ll be using Zoom for the circles, which is very easy to learn. So far we’re all at least 10 miles away from each other, so social distancing is not a problem. 

There will be four 90 minute modules at a low introductory price of $197.00. This course is limited to 8 people and it is filling up fast. Don’t get left out. Sign up today!

Instead of going on an online spending spree, join us for some deep self-discovery beginning April 21st.