Each new day, as the sun begins its journey from Chesapeake Bay to the Golden Gate, stories are taking shape across our great country. The challenges we face are at once unique and universal: Protecting the people we love by providing stability and a sound legacy. In my book, How To Be Smart, Successful, & Organized With Your MoneyI explore different American stories filled with triumphs and disappointments, so that you can learn from the experiences of others with an eye toward repeating what works, and forgetting what doesn’t.

On appointing a guardian:

Would you want Mom and Dad to be dealing with a rebellious teenager in their golden years? If your child is left with no living guardians and no one is assigned as such, your child’s fate is at the mercy of the court. A judge will use the law to make his or her decision, often at the expense of common sense—like giving a boisterous toddler to your retired parents.

On charitable giving:

Beware of charities that try to make themselves look like the heavy hitters who have been operating for years. Very often their names are slight variations of legitimate charities, and this might be enough to fool someone with limited eyesight, for instance. This is especially true after a disaster happens: Up to 60% of the 4,000 charity websites that emerged in the wake of Hurricane Katrina were found to be phony.

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