At Judith Heft & Associates, we do so many unusual projects for our clients!  It’s actually de rigeur.

Right now we’re working on a project with a couple who’ve been having some marital problems.  These problems are based on finances.  There have been concerns within the marriage about financial transparency. The husband has not been communicating much with the wife.  The wife is worried that she would not be able to do anything if the husband got sick or, God forbid, died.

They brought JHA in to handle all of their daily money management.  This means that we’ll be paying the bills, tracking all of their spending, and helping them to come up with a strategic plan so that they can start saving money for their children’s education — hopefully saving their marriage.

It’s an interesting project because, while we have some younger clients, this couple has a unique idea: With their expenses tracked, they hope there will be room for an open dialogue. 

JHA is not for only people who are busy and don’t have time to pay the bills. We’re capable of doing so much more!

  • Figuring out which expenses are fixed every month.
  • Analyzing discretionary spending.
  • Creating a spending plan.
  • Reconciling bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Giving real-world advice on how to cut costs.
  • Providing your accountant with reports and tax documents.
  • Money coaching.

It’s always a good check to have a neutral party to bounce ideas off of, and I look forward to fulfilling that role for this couple — and their four children.