Living a life full of gratitude is a year-round practice that culminates every year on the fourth Thursday of November. I love how Thanksgiving brings gratitude to the forefront of people’s thoughts. I also love how vanilla ice cream collides with warm apple pie on my tastebuds.  

And I am so thankful. My awesome daughters; the best sons-in-law I could ever hope for; grandchildren who are sweeter and smarter than all the other grandchildren out there 😉 . I have an extended family and loving group of sistas that give me strength and keep me grounded. I have been so lucky to find the right people to work in my business, people who are helping me grow the business every day. I am grateful for my Boldheart tribe of successful colleagues who I’m able to do so much more than simply mastermind with.  

I hope that sometime between the prep and cooking, you’ll take a minute to think about what you are thankful for —  it helps you get through the dishes!