For this year’s Administrative Professionals Week I would like to focus on the bad-ass virtual assistants that make my life easier. Right now I have three talented individuals making sure I dot my i’s and cross my t’s everyday.

And I’m not alone. Entrepreneurs everywhere are taking advantage of virtual assistants instead of going through the totally awesome process of finding new employees. Other considerations include:

  • you don’t have to worry about giving a VA enough hours to keep them happy;
  • VAs are not employees and create no tax liabilities; and
  • you can hire multiple VAs who each fill a different niche for your business.

Many VAs enter the industry because they are full-time caregivers for their families, and working from home makes it easier for them. That’s true of my VA Jen. I’ve been working with Jen for a few years, and she’s been great. She’s the mother of two young children and works out of her house in Fairfield. She does all of my snail mailing for me and keeps my database up-to-date. Whenever I have a snail mail project, the blank postcards (or letters, etc.) go directly to her. She’s been a wonderful addition to my team.

Last year, I hired Ed. Ed is in Ohio, has three children under seven, and also works from home. Right now we’re putting together an operations manual and a procedures and systems manual. He’s really been great getting it all together for me, including getting us setup in a project-management program called Asana. I host a casual cocktail networking event every six weeks, and he handles all of the invites going out and the reservations. And best of all, since he handles my calendar, to set up a meeting all I have to do is copy him on the email!

The newest addition to my team is Christina, who joined us last month. She’s working with me to create my marketing plans and updates to my website.

The virtual assistant industry is taking off in part because of the technology-driven trend away from in-person jobs, downsizing, and other market forces. It sounds like the perfect storm to find a job that allows you to stay in the game between diaper changes and soccer road trips.