Things are coming together for my upcoming podcast Mastering your Financial Life. My core mission will be to connect people with professionals who think outside the box about conventionally boring topics. My guests will include financial advisors, matrimonial attorneys, CPAs, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, as well as personal coaches.

My inaugural guest on May 19 will be independent insurance broker Erin Ardleigh. Erin provides life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance. Her company is Dynama Insurance, and Erin is the president, founder, and CEO.

The beauty of working with an independent insurance broker like Erin is the access she has to all of the best insurance products. Because she is a broker, and not an agent, she’s not beholden to any one company, and that’s really a plus. We’re going to be talking about insurance — all of the different plans that are available and how you can wade through the muck and mire and figure it out yourself. We’ll also be talking about some of the mistakes you can avoid when buying insurance. (Liz and I also talk about this in our new book, Mastering Your Financial Lifecycles.)

The reason why insurance literacy is so important is because people habitually renew whatever policies they currently have — without checking to see if it’s still the best fit. The worst-case scenario that can arise from this would be forgetting to remove an ex-spouse as a designated beneficiary on a retirement account, brokerage account, or insurance policy. That’s one of the many reasons to review your policies! 

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