When I wrote “Being a Fiduciary Is Not a Gig,” I wondered if I was bragging too much about how secure our office is. I was, and still am, very proud of the fact that during normal times, we do not take our work home with us. Well, like so many things, COVID-19 has turned that on its head.

We were extremely lucky to secure an appointment with our IT security people on Friday of last week. They were able to establish encrypted and secure connections between our home computers and the office server. At home, our team is using only hardwired, ethernet connections to access the server instead of WiFi. We will be able to conduct business as usual without compromising the security of our clients’ data.

So now that we’re all staying home, is there any way we can be as efficient as in the office? No doubt you’ve seen countless tips on how to stay on point while at home, but I have put together some things for you to think about after talking to an eight-year, work-from-home veteran:

  • Shower, get dressed, and wear shoes — Working in your PJs may have been a goal of yours since your 20s, but you would be surprised how much your mindset is actually affected by what you wear. This is especially true when making phone calls.
  • Sit at a desk — Not everyone is aware of it, but your voice actually changes the further you recline while sitting. Taking a call flat on your back in bed will sound just like that.
  • Experiment — If you’ve ever dreamed of doing pushups or squats between phone calls at work, now is the time to try it. According to my WAHM friend, small bursts of exercise are very helpful to the creative process. There are so many things you can try differently, and no one will be around to comment.
  • Maintain work-life balance — Working from home can turn into a nightmare if you don’t establish a quitting time every day. It’s important to recognize that even though you are able to work 24/7, you shouldn’t work 24/7.

Judith Heft & Associates will continue to look out for our clients’ finances, but it’s up to you to look out for your own health! Follow the guidelines, try to relax, and keep sending us work — we don’t want to get bored either!