If you’re like me, your ears perk up when you hear the word “forensic” because of all the great crime dramas on TV. Like law enforcement, forensic accountants dig into the past to discover the truth…about money.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that a bookkeeper is also capable of time travel. In fact, it’s an integral part of the job that often comes as a byproduct of due diligence. Some of the things that I routinely find throwing off people’s books include:      

  • Bank errors (they make mistakes all the time!)
  • Absence of records
  • Payments that are recorded twice or invoices that are missing
  • Recording the wrong payment method
  • Online banking glitches
  • Chaotic checkbooks
  • Interest charges not being categorized
  • A cash-on-hand counting error

Forensic accountants are heavy hitters. They can sniff out money that was spent in a foreign country in 1896 if they need to — and their rates are commensurate with this expertise. Why not get the bookkeeping portion of your project done by a (less expensive) bookkeeper? True, you may be the type that pays a physician to unscrew a Tylenol bottle — but on the off chance, you’re not, contact me.