Time management plays a critical role in the success of a business. How focused are you on time management?  

5 Essential Time Management Techniques

  • Be intentional: Keep a to-do list. Write a weekly list and color code it based on clients and types of tasks. Literally cross out completed tasks and rewrite the list every week to ensure nothing gets forgotten. This ensures every task gets completed.
  • Be prioritized: Learn to rank your tasks. This is critical.  Again, color coding or highlighting the urgent ones helps move those towards completion faster.  This keeps them at the top of your mind. In conclusion. leave nothing for the day unless the critical tasks are completed.
  • Be focused: Develop a system to mitigate and manage distractions. It is easy to be sidetracked – especially when you have a different device in every room. So stay hyper focused on completing a task once you start it.  Also, look forward to crossing it off your list!
  • Be structured: Time-block your work.  Schedule action items in your calendar.  In this way, dedicate time to them every day.
  • Be self-aware: Track your time! Make sure your calendar has alarm reminders for beginning your task. If you get stuck on spending too much time on projects, use your phone as a timer.  Run it alongside you as you complete that task. 

Our lifestyle concierge division works with clients on improving their time management.  If need be, we will take on the role of a customized time management service for you. Because every person and situation is different, contact us to learn more.