At a time of year when everyone is focused on end-of-year tipping, it occurred to me that day-to-day tipping has changed a lot in recent years. I was surprised to see that Uber/Lyft/Taxi drivers get tipped the same percentage, and relieved to see $1 per drink is still adequate for a bartender. 

Here’s what I came up with:

  • Bartender: $1-2 per drink
  • Blackjack/Poker Dealer: $5/hour minimum
  • Door Dash: 15-20%
  • Food Delivery: 15% or $4 — whichever is more
  • Hairdresser/Colorist: 20%
  • Hotel Concierge: $5 or more if you use the service
  • Hotel Housekeeping: $1-5/night
  • Instacart: 5% or more
  • Starbucks/Espresso Bar: $1-2 for an espresso drink or spare change for a drip coffee.
  • Server: 15% or more
  • Take Out: No obligation to tip, but 10% is recommended for better service in the future.
  • Tattoo Artist: 15-20%
  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi: 15-25%
  • Valet Parking: $1-5

I got the idea for this blog when talking to a friend of mine. She had just tried Instacart for the first time, and noted that the 15% tip turned out to be a doozy. She hadn’t known that most people tip Instacart about 5%, and so she tipped according to restaurant rules.

I hope this list helps you not be like my friend! And remember: Judith Heft & Associates is your full service, Personal Concierge. We can offer you advice about tipping one minute — and balance your checkbook in the next.