Identity Theft on Campus

20% of identity thefts are friendly fraud. Fraud done by people you know. College students are especially at risk because of the social nature of living in dorms. It’s not uncommon for students to let someone else borrow a laptop - and they rarely, if ever, create a second user… Continue Reading..

To Boldly Go…Paperless

As I begin my journey to paperless nirvana in earnest, I’ve been turning my attention away from the things to shred to the things that need to be saved and organized. Powers of attorney, birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees and death certificates are all original documents that must be… Continue Reading..

Going Paperless

As a professional financial organizer and daily money manager, I know what happens when people take on too much change at once. Meltdowns happen. That is why I am taking baby steps on my journey to conquer the highly-organized-yet-devastatingly-large mountain of files in my office. Though it is sure to… Continue Reading..