Fitting Everything In By Judy Heft

Fitting Everything In

I am lucky to have a top-notch, high-end business while still being able to take time off for things that are important to me. Prioritizing is often challenging for people (myself included), which is why I was thrilled to find an analogy that motivational speaker Stephen Covey often uses: If… Continue Reading..
A Day in the Life 2018 By Judy Heft

A Day in the Life 2018

"No one person can be good at everything. It takes a real team to grow a business." Recently my search for a new employee at Judith Heft & Associates got me thinking about delegating. The topic had come up before at a coaching group, where we talked about creating turn-key… Continue Reading..
Thinking Outside the Green for Networking Events By Judy Heft

Thinking Outside the Green for Networking Events

Today I want to talk about networking. For years I was slightly envious that a lot of people, mostly men, play golf for networking and are able to write it off for tax purposes. I don't know how to play golf!  I was talking about this with a friend when… Continue Reading..
Criminals Didn’t Take Memorial Day off this Year By Judy Heft

Criminals Didn’t Take Memorial Day off this Year

Memorial Day weekend was a busy one for me, with calls from banks and clients investigating and asking about potential fraud. First I got a call from someone at Citibank asking about some checks that were presented for large sums on a client’s account. They wanted to know if they… Continue Reading..
Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal: What’s the Difference? By Judy Heft

Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal: What’s the Difference?

Recently a friend asked me to “Venmo” her the money I owed her for theatre tickets. At first I thought it was some new slang that the Twittersphere came up with ;) — but my friend told me all about how it was a convenient way to transfer money between… Continue Reading..
From Paris with Louvre By Judy Heft

From Paris with Louvre

I recently got back from my first trip to Paris and j’adore. It’s a very walkable city, and for long distances the Metro is clean and easy to use. I experienced some culture shock, but it was a good thing. Here are some of my recommendations should you ever find… Continue Reading..
Empowerment à la française By Judy Heft

Empowerment à la française

The best part of my trip to France took place in the second half: A retreat with my mentor and eight other women in the wine-making region of Provence. Our mentor, Fabienne Fredrickson, had arranged for us to stay in a charming villa in Menerbes with a spectacular view, a… Continue Reading..
First Quarter Update and Outlook By Judy Heft

We’re Expanding and Hiring

Are you not-so-patiently awaiting spring’s arrival like me? Hopefully the warmer weather will arrive soon. In the meantime, we’ve been growing! Our business has grown with the addition of a few new clients (welcome!). We survived a busy tax season, which has now ended. Currently our days are spent working… Continue Reading..
Billie Jean King at The Fund for Women and Girls By Judy Heft

Billie Jean King at The Fund for Women and Girls

I had the great honor of attending a lunch time talk at The Fund for Women and Girls by none other than Billie Jean King. The Fund is dedicated to improving the health and economic security of women and girls. I was among about 800 people there, mostly women. Previous… Continue Reading..