Criminals Didn’t Take Memorial Day off this Year By Judy Heft

Criminals Didn’t Take Memorial Day off this Year

Memorial Day weekend was a busy one for me, with calls from banks and clients investigating and asking about potential fraud. First I got a call from someone at Citibank asking about some checks that were presented for large sums on a client’s account. They wanted to know if they… Continue Reading..
Holiday Tipping: A Method to the Madness By Judy Heft

Holiday Tipping: A Method to the Madness

In years past I’ve published holiday tipping guides from various sources that were very detailed about the appropriate amounts to tip specific service providers, but this year I want to do something different: a method behind the tipping madness. The first step is to remember why you are tipping. It… Continue Reading..

The 2015 Guide To Smart And Guilt-Free Giving

Charitable giving occupies an important place on your moral compass. You want to give to the dozens of great organizations vying for your donation, but you know it’s impossible. Here are a few things to remember when navigating the sea of end-of-year solicitations that deluge your mailbox: Check to make… Continue Reading..

Tips For Holiday Tipping

While you may not feel the need to tip everyone wearing a reindeer hat and gesturing towards a tip jar with a cute saying on it, remembering the people who work in your home during the holidays is the right thing to do. Whether someone is helping you with your… Continue Reading..