Judith Heft & Associates Celebrates 23 Years! By Judy Heft

Judith Heft & Associates Celebrates 23 Years!

Judith Heft & Associates is celebrating 23 years of business, and I think that’s something to shout out loud about! I was literally born to be an entrepreneur. My mom was my role model because she had started a business on her own, without any experience. Eventually, my dad joined… Continue Reading..
Separation of Business and Personal By Judy Heft

Separation of Business and Personal

A lot of new business owners commingle their personal finances with those of their businesses. That's okay...if you're a bookkeeper. If you’re not keeping categories and reconciling your bank accounts, it may prove difficult. A lot of stakeholders in businesses — both startups and companies that have been in business… Continue Reading..

Masterminding Success

It’s not easy to trust your business to other people, especially when you are just starting out. As your business grows, however, delegating tasks to others becomes a necessity. That’s why networking is so important in establishing and nurturing a healthy business - and more and more women are proving… Continue Reading..