Case Study: The Medicaid Spend-Down By Judy Heft

Case Study: The Medicaid Spend-Down

My favorite part of being a Financial Concierge is forming lasting relationships with my clients. Part of the skill set for helping people over so many years is being able to adapt to their changing needs. Recently I had the opportunity to help someone apply for Medicaid. When I first… Continue Reading..
A Tale of Two Great Ladies at the End of Life

A Tale of Two Great Ladies at the End of Life

We’re all grateful for the periods in our lives when our loved ones are happy and healthy, but nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later we will be faced with family members and friends who are beginning their journey to the end of life, just as we eventually will. This past… Continue Reading..

Communicating With Elderly Parents is Not an Easy Task

Our parents have survived a lot, in addition to raising us. As they enter their golden years, many of us are being confronted with an uncomfortable role-reversal as mom and dad become the ones who need care. Just as kids are eager to prove their independence from their parents, parents… Continue Reading..